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Landlord case study

Mrs Spalding had been aware of Brian Marshalls for many years in her professional role accounting for one of our existing landlords. She had been using another Agent on her Woodingdean property for years, mainly out of convenience due to having a long term tenant in place. However, following notice from the tenant and given … Read more

A simple overview of how the proposed Renters Reform Bill could impact Landlords

In the dynamic landscape of property, policies and regulations often shape the experience of both landlords and tenants. The proposed Renters Reform Bill has been generating conversation in the property industry for some time, as advocates argue it is a necessary step toward ensuring fair treatment and improved conditions for renters. However, for landlords, it … Read more

The Benefits of having a lettings agent

Managing rental properties can be quite the balancing act, whether you have been a landlord for years or are just starting out with your first rental property. At Brian Marshall & Sons, we understand the unique challenges you face and we’re here to make your life a whole lot easier. So, why could partnering with … Read more